BT 50 Spindle Test Bar x 300mm


The test bars come hardened and ground on both the diameter and length. They come supplied with test certificate and aluminium case.

Test bars are used for checking and setting machine parameters and spindle run-out.

They can also be used for checking the Z axis (length).

Ideal for checking machine after a collision.

Hardness HRC 58+-2
Strength 800-100n/mm2
Case hardened Steel 0.6-0.8mm Deep



Spindle Test Bars

Spindle test bars are supplied with test certificate & aluminium case.
Hardened & ground on both diameter and length.
Manufactured with case hardened steel (0.6-0.8mm depth).
Hardness HRC 58+-2, Strength 800-100 N/mm2.

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Dimensions 54 × 15 × 15 cm